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7 Sporty Activities in Chalong

7 Sporty Activities in Chalong

August 23, 2017 in Phuket Info, Phuket Sights, Phuket Sights & Activities

Phuket is a great place to spend lazy days on the beach, but it’s also becoming a destination for sports, wellness and adventure lovers. In Chalong alone there are several fitness centres and Muay Thai/MMA camps with great facilities and personal trainers that attract people from around the world looking to get into fighting form. And with Chalong Bay and the Big Buddha hill to explore, there are plenty of ways to keep active in the tropical outdoors as well.

Here are some of the sports and fitness activities found in Chalong, all of which can be reached within minutes from Chaofa West apartments and pool villas.

Muay Thai/MMA training 

tiger muay thai
Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp has grown into a huge multi-sports facility that offers everything from drop-in yoga classes to intense fitness boot camp packages for a total body makeover. Martial arts is still the main focus, however, with some of the world’s top MMA fighters coming here to train.
   – Activities: MMA training, weight-loss programs, yoga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Crossfit
   – Distance from Chaofa West: 4 km

Crossfit training

unit 27
Unit 27 is another boot-camp fitness centre just up the road from Tiger with more emphasis on weight loss and conditioning. With nutritionists and highly skilled trainers on staff, this is the place for some serious body transformation.
   – Activities: Crossfit, Spinning, ice baths, sauna, physiotherapy, and some scary-sounding training classes like “Death Row” and “The Punisher”
   – Distance from Chaofa West: 4 km

Yoga in Chalong

yoga phuket
Yoga is a popular activity in Phuket, with many different styles available in Chalong and nearby. Yoga Connections at Home Pro Village offers a variety of classes including aerial yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and power yoga, while Ashtanga-only classes are held at the Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala at the Land & House Clubhouse or a bit further away near Rawai Beach at Ganesha Yoga Phuket by Julie. For hot yoga, visit Sutisa Hot Yoga Connection near Tiger Muay Thai or take a longer drive to Kata Beach to try the popular Kata Hot Yoga class.
   – Activities: All kinds of yoga
   – Distance from Chaofa West: 1.5 km to 7 km

Zumba in Chalong

Zumba dance classes are an invigorating way to keep fit, and Phuket keeps adding more classes as the Latin fitness craze catches on. Zumba with Gabry is a lively and popular class, held at the Land & House Clubhouse, with classes also available at Elite Fitness of Chalong and Santosa wellness centre near Kata Beach.
   – Activities: Zumba dance
   – Distance from Chaofa West: about 1 km to 6 km

Big Buddha hill walk

big buddha
Most visitors drive up the hill to see the Big Buddha statue, but for the more active among us, walking or running up offers a cardio boost with fabulous views over the Chalong valley and the sea beyond. While the quickest way is to take the paved road that leads up to Big Buddha from our apartments and villas, we prefer a more scenic route with no traffic, up a dirt path that starts at the base of the hill on the Kata Beach side, leading through lush jungle and plantations with great views over Kata bay.
   – Activities: walking, running, taking in the views
   – Distance from Chaofa West: about a 5km trip to the top of the hill

Sailing in Chalong

phuket yacht club
This friendly Phuket Yacht Club in Chalong Bay welcomes non-members to join some of its activities including sailing courses and weekly races. Its fleet of small dinghy yachts is ideal for kids wanting to learn the ropes, while the open-air restaurant serves reasonably priced Thai and Western dishes with excellent views of the bay.
   – Activities: sailing classes, yacht races, dining, bar
   – Distance from Chaofa West: 2 km

Scuba diving and snorkelling

Chalong pier is a major launching point for boats to nearby islands including Coral Island and the Raya islands, with several diving and snorkelling operators offering day trips. Though the coral reefs and marine life have suffered from bleaching and too much tourist activity in recent years, it’s still a colourful and fascinating world to explore under the surface of the Andaman Sea.
   – Activities: snorkelling, diving, boat excursion
   – Distance from Chaofa West: pier is 1.5 km away