Update: Coronavirus Control in Phuket – June 3, 2020

Phuket and Thailand as a whole are continuing to reopen with the slowing growth of Covid-19 cases around the country. As of June 1, a number of businesses and locations around Phuket are allowed to reopen by government order, as follows.

Places allowed to reopen in Phuket June 1:

  • Schools for teacher preparations only
  • Restaurants
  • All shops in shopping malls, and all retail shops outside shopping malls
  • Shopping mall open hours extended one hour until 9pm
  • Movie production – not more than 15 people on site at one location
  • Hotel meeting and convention centres – no more than 200 people at any one event
  • Barbers and hair salons – no longer than two hours per client – no facial treatments
  • Amulet shops – must not have crowds
  • Kindergartens
  • All medical treatment centres including dentists
  • Beauty surgery centres
  • Tattoo shops
  • Fitness centres except sauna and steam rooms
  • Golf courses
  • Indoor and outdoor sport complexes
  • Swimming pools
  • Pet shops
  • Botanic gardens
  • Museums
  • Spa centres
  • Boxing gyms and training centres including Muay Thai camps, but not boxing stadiums
  • Sports stadiums
  • Bowling alleys
  • Dance centres
  • Lakes, water activities allowed
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Zoos
  • Hotels
  • Construction sites
  • Government identity card issuing centres
  • Phuket Land Office
  • Tour booking agencies and kiosks

Phuket beaches and Phuket Airport remain closed until further notice, as well as these places:

  • Cockfighting
  • Water parks
  • Entertainment venues (presumed to mean nightlife venues)
  • Martial arts training schools for Wu-Su, Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido
  • Kids’ zones, games centres
  • Internet cafes
  • Fortune teller booths
  • Snooker halls
  • Fishing venues
  • Motorbike rental shops
  • Activities that create large gatherings of people such a parties and celebrations
  • Walking streets, except fresh produce vendors
  • Transport Office

Source: The Phuket News

Update: Coronavirus Control in Phuket – May 2, 2020

The Thai government has announced that it is extending its emergency decree to May 31, but will relax some orders in stages starting on May 3.

Starting May 1, the Phuket government has allowed travel between most sub-districts including Chalong. Travel to and from Phuket is still restricted.

Businesses are classified into four groups: White (essential low-risk services), Green, Yellow, and Red (high-risk non-essential services).

The following “White” type of businesses may reopen on May 3, with some restrictions and health measures required.

  • Markets – including fresh markets, floating markets, flea markets, community markets and street vendors and stalls
  • Restaurants – including cafes, “dessert joints”, convenience stores, mobile phone stores, IT stores and local “mom-and-pop” and other local stores. (does not include shopping malls)
  • Retail stores – including supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Recreation areas – including public parks where low-intensive exercise takes place and places where “non-team, non-competitive sports” take place. “Tennis, for example is allowed as long as it is non-team and non-competitive, and the same with golf and golf practice ranges
  • Salons, barber shops – may provide only basic services “wash, cut, dry and style”
  • Pet grooming centres and pet nurseries

In addition, the sale of alcohol will be allowed from May 3 onwards, for takeaway only from shops.

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Photo: Thai Government PR Department

Coronavirus Control in Phuket – April 2020

Thailand’s government and health authorities have taken several measures to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in Phuket. For anyone wondering what it’s like in Phuket in April 2020, here’s an update by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

TAT update: Coronavirus in Phuket – current control measures

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to inform international and domestic tourists that the end date on 30 April, 2020, has been specified in the last order issued by Phuket province.

Despite the end date stated on 30 April, 2020, this TAT update does not imply that Phuket will lift its unprecedented Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) control measures thereafter. TAT will constantly monitor the situation and provide more updates as soon as new information becomes available.

Phuket’s newly rectified order summed up all unprecedented measures previously announced by the province. The order, signed on 16 April, 2020, was announced on 17 April, 2020, on the Facebook page: phuketanticovid19, one of Phuket’s public relations channels, especially set up to communicate with the public on all matters regarding the COVID-19.

This latest order replaces all previous announcements and orders, and covers five key topics:

  • Temporary closure of venues as appearing in Appendix 1, which includes an expanded list of business establishments, hotels, shopping malls, markets, sports and related facilities, entertainment venues, some government services, and more. Supermarkets, pharmacies, food takeaways and deliveries, banks and ATMs, and other essential services used in daily life remain open, in accordance with the nationwide curfew from 22.00-04.00 Hrs.
  • Closure of entry and exit points (land and sea) as appearing in Appendix 2, including the Tha Chat Chai Checkpoint and all marine transportation channels, with exceptions for vehicles and vessels with emergencies or necessities.
  • Closure of all local borders between each sub-district and surveillance, control and prevention measures as appearing in Appendix 3, asking cooperation from residents to remain in their residence and ordering local authorities to conduct active case finding among the residents of all districts.
  • Measures regarding boats leaving ports and going to sea as appearing in Appendix 4, banning all boats from leaving ports excepts fishing boats, medical and emergency related boats, logistics boats, and vessels used for official purposes.
  • Control and preventive measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 infection as appearing in Appendix 5, including hygiene measures and social distancing rules.
  • Under the Communicable Diseases Act 2015, penalties for non-compliance range from less than 20,000 Baht, or less than 100,000 baht or one year in prison or both. Violators may face other penalties under the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation 2005.

TAT is constantly providing updates on the tourism-related COVID-19 situation in Thailand at the TAT Newsroom (https://www.tatnews.org/). For additional information and assistance relating to Thailand’s tourism, contact the TAT Contact Centre 1672 or Tourist Police 1155.

For more updates about coronavirus in Phuket and around Thailand, please visit https://ddc.moph.go.th/viralpneumonia/eng/index.php.

This press release is published on 18 April, 2020, at 13.00 Hrs. All information is accurate at the current time but can be changed depending on the situation. The TAT Newsroom will not be updating this press release but will issue new updates as soon as further information becomes available.